Home. 30″ x 24″. Acrylic on Canvas. 2015.

On my way back from one of my many walks on my favourite trail above the Scarborough Bluffs, in the middle of the day, I walked into a Doe. I spotted her feeding around 10 meters ahead of me on the trail, so I went quiet and started photographing her. She spotted me and turned to go up the fork in the trail. When she was out of view I slowly followed to see where she had gone, but she stayed right around the corner, feeding in and around the bush on the trail. She kept an ear cocked on me but went about her business, not bothered by me. At one point she let me follow her up the trail until she decided to end it, and disappeared into the bush. I adore interactions like this, not only was it a surreal feeling, just me and this Doe, but for her to allow me to stick around for a bit and just admire her when she could have easily took off at the first sight of me.

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